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I was going through our past blog entries when I ran into an entry that you're about to read.  I began writing this blog post about 2 years ago, but never finished.  I've always felt that writing in a journal is very therapeutic, and can show you just how much you've endured and grown as a person.  It's always nice to take a look back and to see how you were feeling at that point and time.

I wrote the below post at a very low moment during our business...during our lives.  I wanted to share this with you, in case you ever thought about having your own business, or currently own your own business.  You're not alone in how you feel.  Doing what you love for a living has its peaks and valleys.  Peaks and valleys.

The most important thing is to keep positive!  The valleys don't last forever.  God wouldn't have put us in this position if He thought we couldn't handle it.



It's almost Delumpa Photography's two-year anniversary, and boy, it's been a journey.

It wasn't long after Marianne and I got married that photography entered our lives, well, more like devoured our lives.  Our photography journey is all but just a part of the bigger picture...what we call life.

When we first started, it was like setting out on a road trip - excited as hell to go, go, go.  However, this road trip has no destination.  That's the exciting part!  But it's also the scary part.  I mean, SCARY. in wondering if we could make our rent payment this month.  Scary, as in which utility are we going to BS this time so that we can pay the other one, which also happens to be late.  Scary, as in will we ever "make it?"  Scary, as in are we even good enough?  Scary, as in did our clients like their photos?  Good lawwwd if our clients weren't happy (and yes, that's happened too.)

There are times that Marianne and I fight because of photography (and I mean fight).  Doing what you love comes at a price - sacrificing time with family and friends and even each other.  Sure, we shoot together, but that's not quality time.  Our marriage has been tested, bent, beaten...

..but never broken.

Doing what we love is scary as hell and has been difficult, but you know what?  I wouldn't trade it to work at a 9-5 and hate what I do.

Sue Bryce, one of my favorite photographers, has said that "the photography is secondary.  It's about the connection to your client."  When I think about what she said, I can't help but think about everyone, not just clients, that has come into our lives because of photography.  For the most part, we've become good friends with most of our clients.  How is that possible?  Because we've shared in the most intimate, vulnerable, and special moments in their lives.  We've also befriended some really awesome photographers who share the same passion and commitment to excellence.  



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